Planning Your Telemarketing Moves

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Planning for the rainy day is a metaphor that we use in our daily lives every now and then. But in terms of work, we consider planning to be something that we do when we have the time. Otherwise, we tend to rush in and try to get the work done. This approach is not always ideal for the call center sector. Without proper planning and attention to detail, the BPO unit can stare down the barrel and heavy losses in general. More call centers are careful about planning these days. Several of them place planning on a higher pedestal than execution.

In fact, the planning phase makes the execution period smooth and well lubricated. Come to think of it, call center services save up on resources and other raw material when they are aware of their next step. In this fast changing world, you cannot expect to work by groping your way through. You need to know for sure what your process is and work with dedication to remain on track.

Planning begins with the time when you are about to pitch for a telemarketing project. Your marketing pitch must contain all the details about your company, your charges and other salient details. Call center services are highly competitive these days. Without a proper pitch to the client, you are more likely to pave the way for other BPO units to step in. Your pitch has to contain time lines by which you expect to complete the project.

You must attach how you want to do the work and what resources you will need. You must mention the number of hands you will need and what kind of technology you are looking at. It is extremely important that you find out how you will be able to offer something new and unique to the clients. To make a difference, you have to make an effort.

After the pitching, it's time to take the project to the floors. You need to stay true to the initial plan as much as possible. There will be changes that need to be done, that's for sure. At the same time, the clients must not find too much of a deviation from the main theme of the project. The correct way to do it would be to go through the plan again with your BPO supervisors and team leaders. Since they are more aware of the ground realities because they are working with the agents on a daily basis, they will be able to handle things from a practical perspective. They would be able to tell you how things are at the grass roots level and how they can be optimized to meet the required deadlines.

BPO service needs time to get off the hook and the planning stage must make allowances for the agents to understand the project and train themselves for it. Training modules for the telemarketing agents must be sharpened in a way that helps the agents to pick up the tricks of the project without spending too much time.

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Planning Your Telemarketing Moves

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This article was published on 2010/10/19